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Louis Tomlinson Facts

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Interesting Louis Tomlinson Facts

  1. In May 2012, Louis was reportedly woken up by a naked man trying to enter his hotel room in Stockholm at 5am! The man was apparently drunk and looking for the toilet. Scary!!
  2. Just like Niall and Harry, Louis has passed his driving test
  3. Since professing his love for carrots, Louis has received hundreds of orange vegetables as gifts from fans. He now says he loves Lamborghinis!
  4. Louis’s favourite country in France. Last summer he had a romantic break in Paris with Eleanor
  5. Louis got dressed up as a carrot at an X Factor Live gig in Nottingham in early 2011/li>
  6. Louis is a pretty decent on the piano and he loves to play ‘Mr Brightside’ by The Killers
  7. Louis’s favourite band is The Fray
  8. One of Louis’s favourite mottos is “Live lifer for the moment because everything else is uncertain”
  9. Louis’s least favourite food is baked beans
  10. Louis says his girlfriend Eleanor helps to keep him grounded. Speaking about spending time with her in Manchester, Louis told The Sun:  “Eleanor’s really down to earth. She makes me fish finger sandwiches and it’s great to do something normal after the madness of the tour. All my mates are at university and it’s a life I haven’t had a chance to enjoy so it’s great to turn up and sample a bit of it”
  11. Louis is an avid fan of surfing. In fact, he loves the beach so much he says he’d like to get married on one
  12. Louis likes the word “boobs ”
  13. Louis absolutely loves being surrounded by screaming fans. He told Teen Now: “Its incredible – it’s great to have people show their support for you when you’re doing something that you love, and the fact that they are girls makes it that much better!”
  14. Louis hates rumours, especially when they involve Harry and himself. In a Tumblr interview he explained: “Me and Harry are best friends, people look into our every move. It is actually affecting the way me and Harry are in public: We want to joke around but there seems to be a different rumour every time we do anything ” You tell the rumourmongers, Louis!
  15. Louis would like it if The Wanted supported One Direction on tour! Speaking about the two bands’ fallout, Louis said:  “We are hoping that they’ll still get on with us, because, you know, there is potentially a spot on our arena tour for them to support us” They recently had a spat on Twitter!
  16. Spurred on by his appearance on Fat Friends, Louis attended acting school in his spare time and eventually had small parts in 2006 ITV drama If I Had You! and the BBC’s Waterloo Road
  17. Louis had a number of part-time jobs before The X Factor including working at a local cinema and as a hospitality waiter at Doncaster Rovers Football Club
  18. In 2011, Louis’s mum Johannah and stepdad Mark split up. Speaking about his mum, Louis said: “It must be so much harder for her because I’m living this fantastic life and being so busy every day whereas she’s still in the old life I was in but without me… it must be really difficult for her not to get upset”
  19. Louis once had a dream that One Direction recruited a sixth member who was constantly fighting with him and the rest of the 1D lads refused to help
  20. It takes over 30 minutes for Louis to get his hair ready in the morning

  1. The first time Louis ever spoke to Harry was in the toilet at The X Factor auditions in Manchester
  2. Louis says that if he was a One Direction fan for the day, the band member he’d fancy most is Harry
  3. If a movie was made about Louis’s life, he’d like Leonardo DiCaprio to play him
  4. Louis’s biggest role model is Robbie Williams. He told The Hits Radio: “I’ve got a massive musical icon and that’s Robbie Williams. We actually got to sing with him on The X Factor and it was absolutely amazing”
  5. A man who works in the music industry once tried to have a snog with Louis! “It was a press guy he just started going in for a kiss!,” said Louis
  6. Louis loves to party! He told TOTP Magazine: “To be honest, I’m sure the majority of 20-year-olds go out and party. I’m not going to feel oppressed ”
  7. Louis Tomlinson was born on Christmas Eve in 1991
  8. Louis says that he and his 1D bandmates are like brothers. Admitting that they occasionally bicker, Louis told Digital Spy: “Because we’re around each other so often it’s like arguing with your siblings. You fall out with them, go away and have a bit of a paddy, then come back and get over it
  9. When One Direction’s tour bus crashed in Birmingham in January 2012, Louis suffered whiplash in the incident
  10. Despite having smelly feet, Louis is a big fan of shoes! His favourite types are chinos and Toms
  11. As a student, Louis played the lead role of Danny Zuko in a high school production of Grease. He says playing the part gave him the confidence to audition for The X Factor
  12. Louis’s favourite TV shows are Misfits and One Tree Hill
  13. Louis admits he’s a really bad cook. Despite this he appeared alongside Harry cooking on ITV’s This Morning in September 2011
  14. Louis suffers from a ringing noise in his right ear. Although yet to be officially diagnosed it’s thought it could be tinnitus which can lead to deafness if untreated.
  15. Louis was given a telling off by police when filming the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ video Los Angeles in July 2011 for his erratic driving. He explained to The Sun: “I got pulled over by the US police. They thought I was all over the place. The officer goes: ‘Listen, man, I can shut this thing down if you carry on driving like this. You’re driving like a maniac ‘ And I was like: ‘Man, put the gun down. I don’t want no trouble ‘”
  16. Louis is prone to sleepwalking and once tried to get into Niall’s bed!
  17. Louis says he’ll “never get used to” the adoration he receives from fans. He told Radio Live in New Zealand: “At the end of the day we’re doing something that we really love and to be appreciated for that is really nice”
  18. When he was 14, Louis played lead guitar in a band called The Rogue with his schoolmates. You can check out their Myspace profile from 2006 here
  19. Louis is the oldest member of One Direction. He’s 13 months older than second eldest Zayn Malik
  20. Louis would hate it if the paparazzi took a photo of his manhood. “I think it’s a bit childish and immature to do that sort of thing, to be honest,” Louis states
  21. When he was younger Louis wanted to work on a farm
  22. On 12th August 2012, Louis and Eleanor watched Tom Daley win his Olympics bronze medal at The Aquatic Centre in East London
  23. Louis’s Twitter address is Louis_Tomlinson. As of 13th April 2013 he has 10,008,0065 followers
  24. Just like Zayn and Harry, Louis supports Manchester United Football Club
  25. If Louis wasn’t a multi-million selling pop megastar, he reckons he’d be training to be a drama teacher
  26. Louis once played a brilliant prank on Harry where he changed his name to Frankie Sandford in Harry’s phone. Louis then phoned repeatedly so by the time Harry checked his phone he had 23 missed calls from Frankie!
  27. Louis has approximately 1minute and 30seconds of solos on ‘Up All Night’ – the second least behind Niall
  28. Louis loves marmite and has big dollops of it on his toast
  29. Louis would love to copy Michael Jackson and have a pet monkey. He said: “I’d like to adopt a chimpanzee and build an eternal friendship, that would be amazing
  30. He’s a Capricorn.

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